The argument which I most concur with is Jane English's "Abortion and the concept of a person."Her argument highlights moral psychology by suggesting using the pregnant woman's point of view. Allowing her to choose to preserve her life by terminating her pregnancy.
The approach taken by English is a mostly rights oriented, allowing the woman to make the decision to have an abortion.During the article she also states that utilitarian theory does have some merit, but the traditional approach can be rigged to make consequences of actions limited.
English's conclusions are that an agreed upon definition of the concept of a person will not end the abortion debate. English states, "our concept of a person is not sharp or decisive enough to bear the weight of the abortion controversy."She arrives at this conclusion by reviewing the theories. Mary Anne Warren's five-feature theory, Michael Tooley having a concept of self, Paul Ramsey gene structure and John Noonan's conceived of humans. She touches on each of these theories, which show the broad range of views on the concept of a person. She also uses the history of this argument providing examples of Muslims, European common laws beliefs of the definition of a fetus to back up her view.
Her second conclusion is the self-defense model, this states that in it is acceptable to use whatever means necessary to protect yourself. The example she gives is that of one who is hypnotized and stands to lose everything that he is known, his career, his personal relationships and his happiness. Upon examination a pregnant woman may face the same type of issues and feelings. Being unable to provide a loving home environment, financial support essentially what the mother views as the ideal environment to raise a child. As well other concerns for example fear personal relationships may suffer, inability to complete education in addition to career p

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