Ferdinand Magellen was a great explorer from the 1500’s. He was born in Portugal in 1480 and when he was young, he learned cartography (map-making), astronomy and navigation in Lisbon.He served with the Portugese fleet in the far east. He had a disagreement with the portugese King as to whether the Phillipine Islands belonged to Portugal or Spain. In 1517, he left Portugal and offered his services to the Spannish King and Queen.
It was the doubt as to which country owned the Spice islands according to the treaty of Tordesillas. This was the main reason for Magellens voyage in 1519. He left Spain that year with five ships and a crew of 265 men. His own ship, “The Trinidad” (the flagship), “The Santiego”, “The Victoria” “The Concepcion” and “The San Antonia.” In 1520, they reached Argentina and magellen decided to spend some time there. He then learned that his crew were planning to put him to death in treason, so he acted quickly and hung the ringleader.
In October 1520, he reached Cape Horn and sailed into the straits which now bear his name. In March 1521, they reached the Phillipines and stopped at Mactan island. The King of Mactan asked for Magellens help to fight in a local tribal war. Magellen was struck in the face with a spear and died. The ships navigator, Sabastion Del Cano loaded “The Victoria” with spices and sailed back to Spain in September 1522. Even though Magellen did not return home, he must be given the credit for this great voyage.

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