About Ethereum When we use our computers and use Word documents or other files, we usually save them in folders. A folder contains documents, photos, spreadsheets, music files, other types of files, and so on. and could be called a database.In the case of Ethereum, it’s the same innovation as Bitcoin, but instead of just dealing with accounts and transactions, it can also store computer programs like:- If account QQ has a balance ZZ rupees- and if today is January 19th, 2018- then transfer 5 INR to the QQ account- otherwise do not do anythingSince the Ethereum database is stored in thousands of powerful computers and laptops around the world collectively, it can be considered as a single large computer because they all have the same database and can communicate with each other. Collectively, they have so much computing power that by sharing them (and the database with money and programs), they can be an incredibly powerful multi-service data center for the world at large.More Features about Ethereum Ethereum is the decentralization of applications. These applications run on the Ethereum network, which is made up of several thousand computers that communicate constantly. They share the same database, the blockchain. This database can be compared to a large register, which would be filled line by line by the participants in the network, or an excel table on which one could only enter a new line, without being able to modify the others.To use this blockchain, it uses “smart contracts”, which are actually lines of programmable computer code, which correspond to macros in the analogy with an excel table. More information on smart contracts in the article dedicated to them.This decentralization through the use of blockchain technology has many advantages, among which:Immutability: The data that is stored in a blockchain is stored there as a whole: the blockchain keeps the history of all changes that have been made since the origin and it is not possible to modify this history.Protection against data corruption: Since each computer has a copy of the database, it is extremely difficult to hack this database. To alter the base, more than 51% of the participating computers would need to be corrupted simultaneously … The bitcoin blockchain has been around since 2009 and has never been corrupted by a computer attack.Network Security: The blockchain works with a very powerful encrypted protocol that also makes it very difficult to tamper with.Reliability: It is virtually impossible to shut down all computers participating in the Ethereum blockchain simultaneously. As a result, this database is always online and its operation never stops.The other important feature of Ethereum is transparency. All contracts run publicly on Ethereum and, with the necessary technical knowledge, anyone can check that everything is working properly.

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