How has Abraham Lincoln impacted American history?
Abraham Lincoln was an important part of American history. He ended slavery and helped America through the civil war.
Abraham Lincoln was one of the truly great men of all time.Even as a boy, Lincoln showed ability as a speaker.He often amused himself and others by imitating some preacher or politician who had spoken in the area.People liked to gather at the general store in the crossroads village of Gentryville.Lincoln’s gift for telling stories made him a favorite with the people there.In spite of his youth, he was well known in his neighborhood. In 1834, Lincoln again ran for the legislature.He had become better known by this time, and won election as a Whig.He served four successive two-year terms in the lower house of the Illinois General Assembly.During hisfirst term, he met a young Democratic legislator, Stephen A. Douglas.Lincoln quickly came to the front in the legislature.He was witty and ready in debate.His skill in party management enabled him to become the Whig floor leader at the beginning of his second term.He took leading parts in the establishment of the Bank of Illinois and in the adoption of a plan for a system of railroads and canals.This plan broke down after the Panic of 1837.Lincoln also led a successful campaign for moving the state capital from Vandalia to Springfield.While in the legislature, Lincoln made hisfirst public statement on slavery.In 1837, the legislature passed by an overwhelming majority resolutions condemning abolition societies.These societies urged freedom for slaves.Lincoln and another legislator, Dan Stone, filed a protest.They admitted that Congress had no power to interfere with slavery in the states where it existed.They believed “the promulgation of abolition doctrines tend rather to increase than abate its evils.”*1 Their protest arose from the legislature’s failure to call slavery an evi…

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