Many empires and nations throughout global history have been under the rule of absolute monarchs who follow the policies of absolutism. Absolutism is a political system in which a ruler has complete power. Many ancient nations, such as Spain, Russia and France, followed the policy of absolutism. Absolute rulers usually show strong armies, high taxes, and the belief in divine right. One of histories most prominent absolute rulers was Peter the Great of Russia.
Several rulers of empires and nations have followed the policy or absolute rule. Many of the absolutists believed that they had gotten their right to rule straight from God, also know as the Divine Right. Because of this, the monarchs had complete control over the government. He or she could pass any laws they believed would benefit the nation without consulting any person. The monarch not only had complete rule over the government, but he or she also had utter control over the people and their lives in his or her empire. In fact, if people rebelled against the leader it was virtually inevitable that they would be jailed, tortured, or killed. Peter the Great of Russia is one of the most famous absolute monarchs.
He is characterized as a very cruel man; however, he successfully reformed Russia. His goal was to westernize and modernize all of Russia, including the government, society and culture. He imported western technology to help him achieve this goal. Peter improved education by setting up academics and simplified the Russian alphabet. Serfdom spread around Russia; the serfs worked the land that the nobles were given, ensuring that the nobles could serve the state. Serfs were also forced to work on government projects, which improved the waterways, canals and roads.Peter brought all Russian institutions into his control, including the Russian Orthodox Church. He also wanted to end the seclusion of higher class women in their separate quarters. Peter wanted men and wom…

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