AbstractWhile internet is undoubtedly playing sophisticated part in today’s life, the modus operandi of stealing bank user’s financial credentials have also escalated enormously over this past years which potentially  causing direct loss to the affected victims and respective bank. Although online banking system is being the primary target of the hackers , but the ways of attaining the sensitive information is vary. Phishing is one of thecommon technique that has been used to lure the victim to believe fraudulent emails and messages as a legitimate sources from the bank but in reality those requestes are coming from the unauthorized individual with the intention of stealing financial data. Hence, security has become the major concern for both banks and the users of online banking system. Therefore, this paper explores the tactics that the hackers utilized to trick the users and the defense techniques that evolved with the help of information security technologies to curb phishing attacks in online banking. This paper can be used as a guidance for public to create awareness with the intention of combating phishing attack. IntroductionTechnology has been facing drastic changes from time to time as the world moving towards digitalization. Progression in the technology enables future driven internet services in wide range of fields  to ease the humans life and enhance the productivity. As the number of internet users are increasing exponentially, Malaysia is also following the rapid advancement of the technology whereby number of Malaysians that relying on Internet has been increased since Internet ease users to accomplish their chores in an efficient and effective manner. According to _______, the number of Malaysian Internet users are increasing steadily. ______ stated that the penetration of the Internet among Malaysian has continued to progress rapidly since the year 2000 whereby from Internet users increased from 0.1 % to 37.9% between 1995 to 2005 in Malaysia. As reported by Malaysian Communication and Multimedia Commision, the Internet penetration rate in Malaysia on the first quarter on 2014 was 20.1 million users which is approximately 66.6% of the Malaysian population. Banking field is not an exemption to this evolution of the internet  as online banking is a great platform which provides ground breaking offer to banks. Online banking will not only escalate the capabilities of the bank in providing good services to their respective customers but also assist the bank in terms of providing better and unique features to niche segments of their online banking which will expand their business models.  As banks continued to be digitized, the vulnerability to phishing attacks has amplified drastically. It is not surprise for anyone that villians will appear to steal whenever money is involved in it. With high technological development, exploit tools which can be used to find the vulnerability in the server side of a system has become accessible for anyone who have little knowledge Information Technology. These tools ease the fraudsters to conduct phishing attack by manipulating the vulnerability in online banking servers in order to attain confidential data from the server.  Phishing which is know

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