Access to clean water is
considered a vital and essential human right. However, approximately about 2.6
billion people lack basic sanitation, as well as 884 million people without
clean, safe water for drinking. Dispute has risen over the reason on what
impacts the failure of obtaining clean water. One of the most controversial
reasons is the privatization of water supplies and sanitation. Privatizations
of the element of water in Berlin, Jakarta, and Bolivia, to name a few, have
been deemed as failures.


El Salvador’s lead
institutions for promoting clean sanitation and water services such as the
National Organisation of Water and Sewer Works (ANDA) for sanitation and
drinking-water, the Ministry of Health (MINSAL) for hygiene promotion, and Technical
Secretariat of the Presidency (STP) for hygiene promotion as well.

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It is essential for El Salvador
to grow and advance in terms of institutional reform of water and sanitation
supplies. Surface water in El Salvador is immensely polluted by agriculture and
industrial wastewater, the country has been undergoing a water drought for
years. In 2015, one of the worst droughts in over 30 years was experienced by
El Salvador making farmers lose about $100 million worth of crops, according to
telesur and phys.org.


According to Water and Sewer
(ANDA) and WHO/UNICEF, El Salvador is right on track to meet the MDG targets
for water and sanitation.


Previously, El Salvador had
successfully banned mining in March of 2017 as it was a toxic industry that
greatly threatened El Salvador’s water supplies. Furthermore, privatization of
water also possesses a great threat as the situation would be abused by large
agriculture producers and would pollute the water and sanitation stock.


The members against the privatization of water
in El Salvador want laws that cherish the human right for the element of water.


Every El Salvador resident is provided
rights and freedom mandatory by the El Salvador Constitution. 

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