Account for the widening of the franchise in Britain
Between 1850 and 1928 enfranchisement had grown rapidly. There
were many aspects which contributed to the rapid growth of the
franchise in Britain: government legislation, changing society, various
reform movements, different individuals who worked for reform, the
womens right movement, emergence of socialism, a factor which
preached equality and finally the Labour Party.
Changing society, the period 1867 to 1928 saw a very large change in
Britains political identity. The effectiveness of industrialisation and
urbanisation were catalysts for social change which transferred the
political system from a limited democracy to a modern representative
Liberal democracy. This made people fight for justice and equal
rights. They began to fight for political, social , economic change
through pressure groups like the Independent Labour Party, Woman
Social, Political Unions and Trade Unions.People sought social,
political and economic change, however reform was not given,
therefore it had to be fought for. I think this partly contributed to the
widening of the franchise because people now began to want change,
they sought for equality and were determined to get it. This
encouraged other people, therefore it had a knock on effect on other
people. More and more people wanted the right to vote.
Another aspect, the Government dreaded the idea of revolution. In
1848 there were plenty of revolutions occurring around the world
there was the French revolution, this encouraged ideas to spread. the
Government despised this reaction. the French revolution led to an
upsurge of interest in reform, however the violence of the French
Revolution made the consider enlarging the franchise.
The "apprehension" of the French Revolution saw an greater extend
in democratic changes which allowed the expansion of franchise in

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