Before there was Rome, Greece was the center of the Mediterranean. The Ancient Greeks had many achievements that have influenced the way we live today. The Greeks architecture, lighting, farming, jobs, sports, and music were their accomplishments.
The Ancient Greeks commonly built their houses with relatively inexpensive materials such as stone, wood, or clay bricks. They painted the outside of their houses white to deflect the heat of the sun. Despite the elite architectural standards demonstrated by the Greeks, the materials they used to build the houses left flaws in their design. The walls of houses built with sun-dried bricks had a tendency to wash away, little by little, in the rain which would eventually lead to the complete collapse of the house, burying everything within its walls. When this happened, the ground would be leveled off and another house would be built on top of the same lot. Over time, mounds would grow where several houses had been leveled. Due to this method of building, much of the information regarding the Ancient Greeks living conditions and living standards have been discovered by archaeologists. The rich lived in what we would describe as a large town house, consisting of a dozen or so rooms, and conveniently located close to all town facilities. The typical house stood beside a narrow, crooked street. The front of the house usually had a front door and a few small windows positioned high in the wall. Rooms were built around a small open-air courtyard where families would spend much of their time relaxing and entertaining. The furnishings inside these homes were relatively simple and can be identified by the illustrations on vases and stone reliefs. They included items such as chairs, stools, couches, tables and various chests, boxes and baskets. Many of these items were made of wood or other organic materials.(Pearson 28)
The main source of lighting were candles, resinous torches, and oil lamps. A…

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