Acquiring a mobile phone today will most
likely have either an Android or an ios operating system. These two operating
systems are owned by Apple and Google respectively. IOS powers the different
operating system of devices like iPad, iPhone and the iPod touch while Android
caters to different brands ranging from Samsung which is the most popular to
LG, Motorola etc.  It has been said to be
the second most popular operating system globally. Android has been said to be
the most popular mobile operating system especially based on the fact that it
caters companies although this varies from place to place and time as the case
may be. The Android OS which is a modified version of Linux kernel has also
further developed to other devices like the television.

a conversation comes up about Android and IOS, we tend to make it about which
is better or most preferred generally but in today’s world, it is generally
based on personal preference. This comparison, however has kept both companies
on their toes to constantly find new and innovative features/ways that will
capture the minds of their customers.  In
time past, handling a  mobile phone or
any other gadget with whichever operating systems- ios or Android,  customers can conveniently enjoy whatever
features they are comfortable with and not necessarily ‘ditch’ their phone
based on whatever feature is being offered on the next upgrade. Although
certain features can determine whether or not to stick with the android phone
and obtain a new apple phone.

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categorizing the different factors that will inform the choice of the buyer,
affordability first comes to mind. Phones with the Android Operating system are
cheaper than the IOS and in that case much more affordable. IOS can be said to
stand out for their prices which are termed not so friendly by certain people
and that also accounts for why they have the most loyal customers. Also
choosing an apple phone is quite easier as they are quite a few while Android
leaves you with a plethora of choices. The apple store also caters to a wide
range of people with scintillating applications which keeps buyers hooked
whereas android does fairly well in the area of free applications on the Google
play store. In order to make maximum use of your gadget, the battery life comes
into consideration for quite a number of customers in which Google’s android
seems to have the upper hand. Although apple hasn’t quite failed in this area
but mobile phones with the android OS is your best bet.

factors to consider may include accessibility, interface, size, flexibility,
updates, picture quality, security, accessories, etc of which either of the
operating systems comes first in different category. Basically a win in one
part may be a loss in another depending largely on what appeals to your taste.
Both operating systems are quite good, so explore and get the best out of
whatever tops your list, be it Android or ios.

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