Addiction is a chronic disease that involves drug use in a way that is urgent, or difficult to control even though there are harmful consequences. In Forged by Fire, Sharon M. Draper shows the reader Monique and Jordan. Both of these characters were affected the same way as people in real life are when using drugs. There are many consequences for misusing drugs badly compared to using them responsibility. It’s a higher risk in health and they could end up severely injured in about seven to ten years. Especially as pre-teenagers, it’s important to learn about drugs and their side effects. Scientists found that mixing the addiction treatment medicines with social therapy ensures the best chance of accomplishments for most abusers. Drug addiction is a complex disease, and quitting usually is hard, even if a person badly wants to (National Institute on Drug Abuse.) They shift the brain in ways that makes quitting hard, even for those who want to. Researchers now know more than ever about how drugs can affect the brain and have found  the treatments that can help people end drug addiction and continue healthy lives. The NIDA are educating people and preventing drug use and addiction. A number of factors influence substance abuse like friends, family, stress and many more. Not just them- babies are too. Mothers who take drugs during pregnancy give birth to babies who want the same drugs (The Science Explorer.) Anything from heroin to other opioids is hard on the body. In Forged by Fire, Monique and Jordan used drugs and it affected both in the same way. When Monique was taking care of Gerald, she always smoked and sniffed “white stuff” all the time. Gerald and Aunt Queen saw what she was doing and they try to stay away from her. After Gerald made a fire in the apartment, they took him to the hospital and Monique went to jail. Aunt Queen decided to take matters in her own hands and put Gerald in her care for the next six years. Jordan is a different story. He smoked and drank alcohol all the time. Monique, Angel and Gerald saw what  person he was based on how he was treating them. Gerald decided to stand up to him and not see him abuse anybody anymore. He fought back. Later, he sends Jordan to jail because he is abusing Angel sexually and never seen him again. The outcome of this was that they were both abusive and negligent due to drugs. Forged by Fire portrays the reality of drug abuse. There are several messages that the reader comes across when reading this book, but this is one of the most drastic one. Monique was a big drug abuser and later she stops because she got the help she needed. Jordan is a big abuser and he knows the consequences, he just doesn’t care. I think the novel handled this issue by teaching us not to do drugs or they would end up like Monique and Jordan. Which is good, because some people might not listen in their Health classes and need different sources to get the point across. In conclusion, drug abuse is a huge issue in the United States, but it is the end of one’s life. Treatment is always available, as well as someone to help one along the way.

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