Advertising is the medium of paid of non-personal presentation and
promotion of ideas, goods, and services by identified sponsor. Advertising is
where customer collects all the important knowledge or information that company
published to the customer. Advertising is suitable for every race, gender, and
age because advertising is not too directed for specific person only. Also in
advertising company name or addressed in order for customer are more well-known
and acknowledge about the product or services. For example, the description
about packaging, quality, design and promotion should be included in the
advertisement. Advertising contain all the important information that
presenting to the customer.

In order to increase sales of the product or the use of services,
many companies will use advertising method. However, this is not always the
most important objective because it may conflict with the long term profit
goals. For example, Chanel launched as campaign to discourage sales to customer
form lower social gaining. Chanel long term probability relied on sustaining
its upmarket image and it wanted to sacrifice short term sales to safeguard
upmarket brand image (Myers 1989). Advertising have been given up that there is
a positive effect between advertising and sales. From Evan (1988) “Advertising
cannot in and of itself because sales, it can only help to contribute towards
sales success”.

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Next, advertising also particularly for government in order to
give some information campaigns to publics. It is social advertising where to
change people’s behavior such as anti-smoking, anti-drugs and healthy eating
campaign. Advertiser believes that when there is often advertising it may be
provide the customer false expectations of what the brand can do for them,
causing cognitive dissonance. Mature advertising markets is the purpose of most
advertising is to remind loyal consumers to buy goods and for remind customer
about the brand’s values and persuading them to keep buying the goods.

The use of mass media in advertising is to increase coverage to
generate awareness. Advertising tries to give information and motivate people
to acknowledge about the product or service. Especially TV advertising which
have most influence tools in deliver the message and to get customer awareness.
For instance for over twenty years Benson & Hedges managed to flout the IBA
code on advertising cigarettes on TV by using brand-name in Hamlet cigar
commercials. The cigar commercials (which permitted on TV) finish with the
phrase “Hamlet, the Mild Cigar, from Benson & Hedges” (Bell in Henry 1986).


Advertisements also offer something for buying the product as rewards
to the customer like success or wealth through claims like “win” word in order
to encourage customer to feel good about the product. Judie Lannon has says,
“Brands like Heinz and Kellogg built strong brand franchises that have a
provide to the people; they form habit; they have time”(Lannon 1993). When
researchers go for commercial advertising can affect most interested in direct
effects stimulus material on consumers. Then, academic researcher will be more
concerned with the level of comprehension of advertising and will interpret
consumer differently on the product (Morley 1992).  

Last but not least, advertising has their uniqueness in
demonstration ads, presenter ads, and slide –of-life. Advertising also is uses
for TV program to play the neutral and real of the product or the entertainment
or magical imagery of the host texts, and to associate the discourse of
editorial with the brand. . Through the advertisements provide the template for
understanding, “it is the viewer who must complete the meaningful connections”
(Goldman 1992).

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