After receiving the writing topic on  and taking a moment to think on it during class and at home I’ve developed a better understanding on it. At first when I heard of it I thought it meant how well you knew about your own emotions but after doing some reaching into it and looking deeper into it Emotional Intelligence is the ability to monitor one’s own and others people’s emotions. What is emotional Intelligence, identifying ones emotional skills and how an awareness of your emotional skills can make you a better person.     Emotional Intelligence is the ability to use emotional information to guide thinking and ultimately behavior. What is emotional Intelligence? It boils down to being smarter with your feelings and understanding your self better. Increasing one’s emotional intelligence has some benefits including improved mental health, better job performance, and better relationship maintenance. Many schools don’t tell the important of emotional Intelligence. Without emotional intelligence it would be exceedingly difficult to interact effectively with others hindering the amount of work that gets done at school are work.     Identifying one of your emotional skills may sound hard but it’s not. The main emotional skills are self-regulation, motivation, Empathy, Social skills, Self-awareness and creativity. My emotional skill is creativity. Creativity when conflict happens or no one seems to be hearing what we’re saying, it is time for some creativity. In my case when things get challenging, then, perhaps most of all, it is time for some creativity. With creativity it gives me a since of freedom it allows me to relax and make something new but it’s not so much making something new as it is recombining the old. Creativity requires informality because its essence is like “breaking rules.” creativity is sometimes tied to strong emotions it gives power and sometimes make it more challenging.      Being aware of your emotional skills can make you a better person by better understanding others. This enables us to understand another person’s motivations so we can communicate more effectively with them. By understanding your emotional skills lets us express ourselves and interpret the behavior of others. Being aware of your emotional skills can also make you a better leader. Every good leader knows how to seventieth with others knowing how to get everyone to work together.      After reading this I hope you also have a better understanding of emotional Intelligence and how having a better understanding helps you be a better person.

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