After months of deliberation, on August 20
U.S. President Donald Trump announced a new policy on Afghanistan that:

Ø  “My
original instant was to pull out,” Trump said in his first major speech on
Afghanistan, a conflict that is now his war. But “a hasty withdrawal would create a vacuum that terrorists … would
instantly fill”

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Ø  There are currently about 8,400 U.S. troops
in Afghanistan, more will be sent

Ø  Trump also said he wants to place more
pressure on regional allies, such as Afghanistan’s neighbor, Pakistan, to help
resolve the war through negotiations. The Taliban has received sanctuary and
support from Pakistan and its powerful intelligence agency.

Ø  “We
can no longer be silent about Pakistan’s safe heavens for terrorist organizations,
the Taliban, and other groups that pose a threat to the region and beyond,”

Ø  One major departure from president Barrack
Obama’s approach to the war is that the Trump administration will not see up a
timeline for withdrawal, which analysts says gives hope to the Taliban and made
allies in the region fearful.

Ø  “A
core pillar of our new strategy is a shift from a time-based approach to one
based on conditions.”

U.S. President Donald Trump speech from fort
military base giving them a new shape to going forward in Afghanistan and has
been well listened in Kabul and in New Delhi. At the start, this new shape has
been withdrawing by Trump antecedent, Barrack Obama in 2009, that secure the
deadline for U.S. armed forces to capture areas which will give the time to
Taliban to defend it.

Trump’s speech is different from Obama in
that it views Pakistan to support the Taliban in Afghanistan and provide a safe
haven for them, but antecedent formulation is in the view that Pakistan has a
motive with U.S. in Afghanistan and want to draw a line between Afghanistan and
Pakistan as individual victims of terrorist.

In a survey, Obama administration give the
deadline for Taliban in Afghanistan. These deadlines when reached to Taliban,
they will defend it but not kill them because they are small in number. In
December, Obama increase the armed forces around 100,000 in Afghanistan. The
objective is that U.S. try to strengthen Afghan institutions. Obama is in the view
that “war is sometimes necessary, and
war at some level is an expression of human folly”

Trump said that when I was not become
president my gut feeling was to
summon my troops back to America but when I became president, I though that if
we suddenly summon our troops back in one place, we can give the ground for
terrorist to live. That is the thing that I should eliminate, Trump observe
that Pakistan was a part of the problem rather than the solution that is why
Pakistan was not cooperating with us to eliminate terrorism in Afghanistan
rather it supports them.

Already in Afghanistan, there are 8,400 U.S.
troops and in future there must be an increase of number in U.S. troops, but Trump
didn’t say that how many troops will be increased? Because he doesn’t believe
that every news was given to media and the people of America that how many
troops will withdraw? And how many troops will send? Because this will give the
news to Taliban which strategy would the adopt and they started to calculate
them. Obama policy is flop because he told his voters that at this time, we
send more troops and we summon some troops back, but Trump decided that I will
not tell anything, when I do something, I tell you what I am doing, if any big
development happen, the news will have reached to you. But I can’t provide any deadline
for you that in 2020, I get all the troops back in America and Taliban thinks
that we have wait until 2020 and then start attack. This is the big policy
change that Trump done.

Since Pakistan is a neighbor of Afghanistan,
So Pakistan should try to establish peace in Afghanistan and not to support to
Taliban because Taliban has a great support of Pakistan, So Trump has
especially targeted Pakistan very clearly.

U.S. will no longer be silent about Pakistan
that it provides safe havens to Taliban just like it provides safe haven to
“Usama Bin Laden” and Pakistan should stop to support various terror group
because world will not be silent especially U.S.

Trump strategy is better than the Obama
strategy because Trump doesn’t set the timeline of war, of withdrawal, which
will not give the Taliban to attack on them. Trump deserves credit for a
decision that clearly goes against immediate political interests. We did not
see selfishness in Barak Obama but Trump has a little bit selfishness.

war on Afghanistan is part of a profit driven agenda: a war of economic
conquest and plunder, a resource war”

has a very critical role in Afghanistan development and trump appreciated India
contribution in Afghanistan. He said that “we
want India to help us more to became a stabilize condition and establish
schools, hospitals to give a proper infrastructure so people can’t go on
terrorism and various groups which will not good for them but the participate
on nation building”

Pakistan has very important to U.S. because
if we go to Kabul (Afghanistan Capital), we don’t go there directly, first we
go Pakistan and then to Kabul because it provide a better roadway to Islamabad
to Kabul, if private companies of U.S. wanted to go Kabul for mining purpose,
they first go to Pakistan and then go to Kabul. So, U.S. need Pakistan for this


President Trump overall decision on U.S.
policy in Afghanistan is correct. His approach is positive which contains some
element such as stabilize condition in Afghanistan, sending more troops in
Afghanistan, not give important news to media before development.    

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