having studied the behavioral traits of bravery on great detail, I realize that
a lot of people exhibit bravery in different ways throughout their lives.
Bravery is a highly preferred trait and is something we seek in the people
around us. I can correlate the success of an idea to the amount of courage,
bravery, and determination put in. on the whole I can say that the above
research has helped me arrive at a personal definition of bravery and what can
help me live up to those expectations.

you can see, bravery, or the act of bravery influences the way people behave
and the choices they make to a great extent. I fell that a brave person can
take charge when needed. They are also capable of being confident, yet
composed. They are empathetic, and it drives them to act, the realization that
such a situation can beset them too. They take the initiative because they feel
that the other person is being wronged to an extent, and believe that they are
correct. Also the risk-taking ability of the person didn’t have a direct
correlation with his readiness to exhibit bravery. More importantly, I realized
that bravery doesn’t mean fearlessness, instead it means the reaction that
makes them appear fearless. Lastly, I realized that the brave were practical
about their approach.

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order to decide what the personality of brave, these types of bravery must be
defined. Physical bravery, can be defined as “entails acting in spite of
physical harm”. Moral bravery, is “reinforcing ones belief to be good and
true”. Lastly, psychological bravery means “acting against one’s own natural
inclinations.” According to these definitions I could be considered brave on
some scale.

my opinion, u wouldn’t be considered brave through the above definitions. I
believe that I am more of a pragmatist and don’t believe in taking random
risks. I also realize that random risks. I also realize that there are many
forms of bravery, such as moral bravery, psychological bravery. This also
contributes to the making of a ‘brave person’. I must realize that physical,
moral, and psychological bravery is instrumental in the making of ‘a brave

do not think of myself as brave. There are many factors that, according to me,
make up a ‘brave person.’ Bravery can be defined as “facing danger, pain or a
difficult situation without showing fear.” However, I think that being brave
doesn’t mean being fearless, or fearing the adversity, but it can mean having
the mental strength, power and fitness to overcome that fear.

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