And whereas the contractor has agreed to employ the said artisan in carrying out the said construction on certain terms and conditions.

Now this deed witnesses as under :

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1. That the artisan shall supply workman in desired number from time to time. The artisan shall select such persons to work as workmen who are experienced in construction work and who are capable of efficiently executing the work assigned to them. Rates prevailing in the market shall be given to the workmen. Such payments shall be made weekly on each Monday.

2. That the contractor shall be entitled to dispense with the services of any workman who is found inefficient by the contractor. The person so removed shall have no claim to work in the project undertaken by the contractor.

3. That entire construction shall be done in accordance with the specifications, drawings and directions stipulated in the agreement and provided in the plan forming part of this agreement. The artisan shall be responsible for carrying on the construction within the stipulated period. The artisan shall indemnify the contractor for any damages or compensation accrued to any workman or his heirs or successors during the period of construction.

4. That the contractor shall pay Rs. 850/- per week to the artisan for his services and obligations undertaken under this agreement.

5. That the contractor shall not perform construction work of any other person during the period in which the construction under this agreement continues.

6. That the artisan shall serve the contractor faithfully and diligently. He shall regularly obtain directions from the contractor and act in accordance with the same.

7. That the services of the artisan shall be dispensed with on any one or more grounds detailed hereunder :

1. Absence from duty without any reasonable cause.

2. Refusal to act or refusal to act in terms of this agreement.

3. Disorderly conduct of the artisan or misbehaviour.

4. Inefficiency of the artisan in execution of the work assigned to him.

8. That artisan shall be entitled to terminate this agreement on default of payment by the contractor.

In witness whereof the contractor and the artisan have signed this agreement in presence of the witnesses given hereunder.


1. …………………..

2. …………………..

Signature of the parties

1. …………………..

2. …………………..

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