Now this agreement witnesses the following :

1. That the contractor shall demolish the structure by 15th day of May 2001 and remove the debris from the site within three weeks thereafter.

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2. That the owner has agreed to pay Rs. 30,000/- in lump sum for the work of demolition of the structure and removal of the debris to the contractor. It has further been agreed that Rs. 10,000.00 shall be paid to the contractor after demolition has been executed and remaining Rs. 20,000/- after clearing the site by removing the debris therefrom.

3. That the contractor shall be indemnify the owner in regard to any liability arising from any injury caused to any labourer or any other person during the process of the demolition. The construction shall also indemnify the owner in respect of any damage caused to the adjoining buildings, electric transmission lines and telephone lines and water pipes laid down by the U.P. Jal Nigam during the process of demolition of the structure and removal of debris from the site.

4. That time being essence of the contract the contractor has agreed to deposit Rs. 10,000/- as earnest money with the owner. In case the contractor fails to discharge his obligations concerning this agreement within the stipulated time, the earnest money deposited by him shall stand forfeited.

5. That it has also been agreed by the parties that any useful material obtained from the debris of the structure shall be property of the contractor and the owner shall not have any claim in respect thereto.

In witness of the above the owner and the contractor have signed this agreement on the date aforementioned in presence of the witness given herein below.

Signature of the witnesses

1. …………………..

2. …………………..

Signature of the parties

1. …………………..

2. …………………..

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