Aim of The Experiment: –

The aim of experimental is to determine the potassium level in the blood samples by plotting full calibration curves of Log (k+) Conc (Mm)and averages of cell potential, in addition to see the ion potassium method with sodium interference and compare the data of sample by two calibration curves.

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Electrochemical one of the branches of chemistry that is studies the interactions at the surfaces of electrical conductors (e.g., metal electrodes), semiconductors (e.g. graphite) and lasers such as electrolytes and is used to measurement of an electrical signal produced by a chemical method in an electrochemical cell. furthermore, Electrochemical essentials provide basic techniques to raise the structure of biochemical of the next generation.

Electrochemical techniques, for example, electrochemical impedance spectroscopy (EIS), linear (WP), are functional tools to describe immediate corrosion average.


Ion Selective Electrodes is a part of Electrochemical techniques and ISE are used to measurement in the clinical laboratories, these analytes that contain Na+, K+, Cl?, Ca2+, Mg2+ and Li+ are used for speedy patient care resolve. The advantages of ISE are simple to use and inexpensive as well as it has wide range of implementation. The ISE is use in medical to determine potassium level in blood, based on known concentration of potassium by plotting curve of ISE with against log concentration of standard solution. 

There are some Ions determined by ISE:H+, NH3, NH4, BR,CO2,CI.AG+.and many others

However, there are analytical problems in ISE which could be direct or indirect, to explain these problems, with the indirect Ion Selective

Electrode method must be diluted the samples in ratios of 1:20 to 1:34 this depending on the analytical system.

Involvement of other substance can be affected by gauge indicative response due to the like selectivity of the ion existence specified (e.g., Na+ for the K+ electrode)

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