All over the world, networking is a very
important field for communication. Due to enormous necessity of this field in
modern life, I aspire to become a network engineer and develop my career in
this sector which has immense necessity in coming days. For this reason, I am
applying for admission to the Master of Applied Science graduate program at
Ryerson University. I am very passionate and wish to make a significant career
breakthrough in the networking sector and the MASc graduate degree will help me
to fulfill my aspiration. Getting a chance to study in Ryerson University will
be a turning point in my career.


After my undergraduate degree, I believed
that to further my understanding of networking especially the practical aspects,
I needed to be knowledgeable about the current industry standards. To achieve this,
I earned the recognized Cisco Certified Network Associate Routing and Switching
(CCNA) certification where I learned knowledge and skills necessary to install,
configure and manage enterprise networks. Additionally, to expand my knowledge
base, I have started working towards getting my Cisco Certified Network
Associate Security and Information Technology Infrastructure Library (ITIL)
certifications. Even though a lot of these areas were familiar to me through my
undergraduate studies, but the real difference was the first hand experience
and familiarization with various networking devices.

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The computer networks program structure at
Ryerson University has an industry approved approach for preparing its graduate
students and this setting would best prepare me for a professional career and later,
an academic career. My keen interest in the program stems from my goal of
working towards obtaining the most prestigious networking certification for
IT professionals, the Certified Internetworking Expert (CCIE), and the
excellent reputation of the faculty members’ active engagement in computer
networking and security research, thus making this academic institution an
ideal setting for my research in the area of cloud computing.


I would also relish the opportunity to
work with the supervision of Dr. Isaac Woungang and Dr. Muhammad Jaseemuddin to
expand my understanding on the relevance, progress and future of cloud
computing as a means of better IT outsourcing. The emergence and impact of
cloud computing over the past few years has been tremendous. Currently, the IT
industry needs cloud computing services to provide best opportunities to the
world. Though cloud computing is still in its initial stage, but there are
issues like the cost of running cloud software and systems in the long run,
data privacy in the cloud, intellectual property ownership and so on which
still to be addressed. I hope to understand how the threats of cost, data and
security of cloud computing can be addresses regardless of the evolution of
cloud computing. I would greatly appreciate the opportunity to learn from these
professors. In addition, I am seeking to be intellectually challenged and
encouraged to pursue scientific knowledge.


The personal and true job satisfaction
which spring from the opportunity to grow and learn within an industry play
major roles in my career decision. Due to my particular interest in the networking
sector, I aspire to work at a challenging, cutting edge technology position as
a network engineer where I can utilize and improve my skills and knowledge,
becoming an expert network consultant in the IT field. I enjoy acquiring new
skills and information, which help me to adapt to the fast-changing world, as
well as intensify my interest in innovation. With a Master’s degree in computer
networks from Ryerson University, I will have the vital practical competence
needed to succeed and reach my full potential as a network engineer.

Summarizing all written above, I believe
that my serious intention to study, my certifications and strong academic
background in various areas of Information Technology will be beneficial for my
graduate studies and research. With my studies thus far I am confident that I
have a solid base in the world of computer networks.



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