the “Brexit” has caused concern over the unity of the European Union, I think
that it will remain together. The term “Brexit” refers to Britain exiting the
European Union. A referendum was held on June 23, 2016 to decide whether or not
the United Kingdom would break away from the European Union. The plan for
breaking away from the union won by only 3%. The United Kingdom’s decision to
break away from the European Union has caused many questions on whether or not
it is truly a good system.

The European Union is made up of
twenty-eight European countries with an economic and political partnership. It
started after World War Two with the idea that “countries who trade together
are more likely to avoid going to war with each other” (Brexit: What are the
pros and cons of leaving the EU). As one considers the European Union there are
both pros and cons.  It has become a “single market” meaning that each
state is pretty much its own country. It establishes not only a common currency
but also a widespread currency exchange fee. There is a sense of unity because
conflict between the nations affiliated doesn’t exist because of the rules
imposed by the European Committee and Parliament. Certified languages and rules
don’t exist so that wealthier nations cannot control smaller ones.

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There is a big issue the influx of
refugees across the European Union. The refugees are mostly from Syria and
Southwest Asia, coming to Europe because the opportunity of acceptance and good
living. Once the immigrants reach the European Union they have the opportunity
to apply for asylum which legally protects residency status. The number of
asylum applications have increased from “300,000 in 2011 to 627,000 in 2014 and
1.3 million in 2015” (Nijman, 163). This has caused tension in the European
Union, because once a refugee’s asylum is approved they are able to move across
the other countries freely.

Even though the European Union is
dealing with tough issues like immigration, I think it is strong enough to
handle them. I believe that they have the strength to withstand obstacles being
thrown their way. 

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