there are various interventions that will help treat PTSD the clinician will focus
on two. The first is Cognitive Behavioral Therapy is a short term, 16 session
(can be less) intervention which is effective at treating PTSD. This treatment
is based on clinical observation and substantial research.  CBT is a structured, time-limited,
present-focused approach to psychotherapy. It helps patients develop strategies
to middy unhelpful cognitions and behaviors to assist them in resolving current
problems and managing mood. This intervention is specifically designed to
target patients who exhibit negative thoughts and beliefs about themselves, their
world, and their future. CBT helps patients acquire strategies that will help
them evaluate negative thinking styles that will lead to improved mood and
decrease the severity of depression. What usually happens is that patients get
stuck in this circular reasoning that consist of negative thoughts/views of
oneself, negative thoughts/views of the world, and negative views/thoughts of
the future.

second intervention is called Prolonged Exposure Therapy (PE) is a
trauma-focused psychotherapy that treats PTSD (ptsd, 2017). PE focuses on trauma-related
memories, feelings, and situations that have been avoided since the trauma. The
objective is that by confronting thse challenges, the symptoms of PTSD will
decrease. What happens
is that patients usually avoid situations that remind them of the traumatic event,
but ironically this actually exacerbates that PTSD. PE works by having the patient
discuss in detail the events of the trauma which is reffered to as imaginal
exposure. By talking about the trauma emotions like fear,
anger, and sadness decrease. The patient will listen to recordings of their
imaginal exposure and by doing so the unwanted memories slowly start to decrease.

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Lastly, the clinician will have Christopher referred to a medical doctor,
because pressure was 170/110 which is an indication of hypertension. Although
this might be attributed to his military lifestyle (stress/constant adrenalin
rush) the clinician wants to ensure that it is not induced by a medical

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