Although this will depend on the type of garage door that you have installed (swing, sliding, guillotine ..) today, we will share with you a series of tips that do not go badly to keep it in excellent condition.Automation components of the doors:We refer to all the parts thanks to which the garage door opens automatically, that is, control panels, profiles, weights, supports, etc. These must be well greased and in perfect condition so that they do not suffer any break that prevents the opening of the door and to be aware of all these components to review any problem that may exist before it goes over. As for the control panel, they must ensure that they do not have contact with the water either by the frame itself or by the cable entries or screw connections, or contact with wall moisture.Friction components:Where the door or part of it is passing in the process of opening the same, for example, the guides where they move because if they are not well greased or have elements that hinder the passage, the engine itself can suffer wear that causes greater evils.Door material:In this case, we refer to the document because if it is made of wood, you will need a varnish every so often, if it is made of aluminum you should use a slightly abrasive product, etc. For more information, you can contact our technical service.The area around the door:As much as if the door uses the space around it to open as much as it does not, its surroundings must be clean, free of dust and without objects that at some point could hinder its work since, for example, we cut its automatism at some point, the engine wear will be more excellent as well as the state of the components.REPAIR AND MAINTENANCE OF DOORS, YOUR BEST INVESTMENTPerform periodic maintenance of its doors is essential for many reasons, but emphasize the safety, economy, and comfort. Your users must enjoy a service that is safe, that is maintained in a preventive way so that it is not interrupted and that it avoids greater disbursements due to breakage. With our maintenance contracts, you will have the possibility to solve your problems before they occur, being in the medium term much more advantageous to prevent them than to act on them once they manifest themselves.OUR AUTOMATIC DOOR DIVISION IS A GUARANTEEThe Automatic Door Division of Grupo Lasser is composed of a team of experts in automation and mechanical opening systems, automatic latches and doors of all kinds. We work with large manufacturers in the sector that provide us with quick solutions for our customers.About Us:Our team deals with any project related to this essential element for a community, company or single-family home as its automatic door, either to give access to vehicles or to control the pedestrian access of a facility. We cover all the technical aspects related to your services: regular preventive maintenance, adjustments of use, repair, renewal, and replacement of mechanical elements for proper operation and compliance with current legislation.

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