As I am grappled and thrown out of my bed by Jimmy Page's (of the mighty Led Zeppelin) immensely skillful and breathtaking guitar solos, I take note of and am greatly appreciative of the hard work and sweat that makes my awakening (not a simple task), and thus timely arrival to school a possibility.When I arrive at the destination that unfortunately and unintentionally but truly promotes the slow torture of so many individuals' futures, I sit calmly at my desk observing the distant but very apparent aspiring gleam in many of my peers eyes and stare as they rather hollowly long to "make something of themselves."Then after six heavy hours of "education" that consisted mainly of countless but unsuccessful attempts to focus, my life commences, and I am truly allowed to live, or at least for some time.
When my few hours of free time come to an unfortunate end, I am required to come home to overhear of how my parents' days had been. They too seem to consist of continual and rather pointless labor and hint at inner desires to succeed.Then after whichever one of my procrastinating friends have left, I reluctantly return to my toil.As I am doing all of these things, a question or variations of it are constantly flowing in and out of my mind: "Although it may lead to some magnificent morning radio, is ambition really so helpful to us as individuals?"
My personal answer to this question, despite what many others would likely say, is no; ambition is often so sought after that it often rips true lives and futures apart.Ambition is a parasite that so very often requires more than the host can give, whose price is the loss of the host's enjoyment in life.
When I am observing my peers and classmates, especially those who tend to overburden themselves with several honors and AP classes, I at times find myself asking them why.Why torture yourself every night only

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