Ambitious and determined events
management professional with rich managerial experience of more than 3.5 years
in event reservations and facilities management. Expertise in organizing and
managing small and large events, from proposal to delivery. Established
reputation of uniquely blending creative and administrative abilities to
achieve the desired results.

By getting years of experience in events management
as a Senior Manager Events Reservations and Facilities, I have committed to
enhance not only my professional carrier but also to go ahead towards my
studies. Working with Forman Christian College (A Chartered University) located
in Lahore, Pakistan; it has built my interest to do my best in creating Events
department from the scratch at the organization. While I am working, I have
made up my mind to excel further in the same field. I realized that this is
what I want to master. In addition to masters studies I would also like to have
different cultural experiences in events management from proposal to delivery
so that I would be able to have grip in not only events management in Pakistan
but also in International events management.   

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Being Sr. Manager of Events
Reservation and Facilities, I am responsible for identifying the available
venues and maintain reservations and ensure that spaces are allocated according
to the university policy. I am also responsible to identify and participate in
decision making strategies and opportunities regarding events and to develop
strategies and plans to identify potential conflicts and issues related to the
successful production of events (350+ annually). I have authority to make decisions
based on policy regarding the use of space and to ensure the implementation of
events objectives in compliance with the university policies and procedures.

believe the post graduate studies would greatly boost my long-term career
prospects and allow me to better contribute to society by providing and
delivering top-notch events; be it business team-building, live gigs and/or
concerts, sports, exhibits, fundraisers, fashion shows or award ceremonies. I
am a quick learner and am willing to adapt to new environments fast, as
evidenced by my move from a third to a first world country. With my easy-going
personality, I will be able to interact readily with the international
community and having being integrated into the different society, I will
contribute positively to the benefit of cross cultural experiences.


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