Amendment 2: The second amendment gave the people the right to own an
"arm" for protection of themselves and their country.
Amendment 3 : The third amendment says that soldiers are not allowed to stay at
a citizen's residents without the owner's consent.
Amendment 4 : The fourth amendment says that no searches will be made of
citizen's possessions or personal effects without legal consent or without probable
Amendment 5 : The fifth amendment says that anyone being charged of a crime
does not have to incriminate his/herself through questioning. It also says that a
defendant may not be charged twice for the same offense twice.
Amendment 6 : The sixth amendment gives a defendant of a crime the right to a
speedy trial ruled by an impartial jury in which the defendant must be forewarned
of the charges brought against him and have the option of defense counsel.
Amendment 7 : In a case of common law where the controversy in question is
worth more than twenty dollars the right to a trial by jury is reserved.
Amendment 8 : The eighth amendment says that excessive bail shall not be set
for a lesser crime. It also states that cruel and/or unusual punishment will not be
Amendment 9 : The ninth amendment says that rights described in the
Constitution shall not deny other rights naturally given to the people.
Amendment 10 : The tenth amendment says that rights not given to the United
States by the Constitution shall be reserved to the people.
Amendment 11 : The eleventh amendment says that the judicial power of the
United States can not extend into a case against a state prosecuted by another state
Amendment 12 : The twelfth amendment outlines the rules and regulations
followed for the election of the president and vice president of the United States.
Amendment 13 : The thirteenth amendment outlawed slavery and ga

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