America in the year 1900: prosperous, progressive, optimistic, a leader, on the cutting edge of education, and faced with horrible tragedy. When compared with America today, it's difficult to not see likeness. Today, we are on the rebound with the belief that things will get better, and we are still a world leader. We are also similarly faced with horrific tragedy, the worst terrorist incident in our country's history. The country today does, however, differ from itself in the year 1900 in many ways. Today we are more technologically, socially, and intellectually advanced. Things that people in the 1900's thought could never be done, have been. The events of the year 1900 have got us to the year 2002.
One way to compare America in 1900 to America today is to look at the presidents. In 1900, the president was William McKinley. McKinley was a soft-spoken man, much like our president George Bush is today. On New Years Day, McKinley held the traditional open house reception. Today, having the White House open like that would be unthinkable. Another major difference is the security at the White House. During the night in 1900 there was only one guard on duty who often retired early. Guards are on alert around the clock in the present day. Both presidents, however, do have similar worries. Terrorism was a threat in the year 1900 just as it is today. The terrorists may not be the same (Anarchists vs. Al-Qaeda), but the threat was and is there. The economy is a constant worry among both presidents. Each of them knows and knew that people vote by their pocket books. Another key similarity is each president's connections to big business. McKinley befriended J.P. Morgan, an infamous businessman with more money than the U.S. treasury, and Bush has ties with Enron, the now defunct energy company. Just by looking to the presidents in each time connections can be seen.
America was constantly changing scientifically and tech…

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