Current Unites States policies towards China must change. It must be realized that it is inevitable that China will once again become a great power and that it is in America's national interests to come to terms with China's role as a power in that region and to foster a positive relationship with China. This will require a re-evaluation of roles, interests, and policies on the parts of both countries.America's relationship with China will determine the nature of its new role-if the Chinese achieve a dominating position after a long hegemonic struggle with the U.S., then that supremacy will likely be harsh, destructive, and based on military power; whereas, if the domination comes about through a positive relationship, then China will likely be a benign and benevolent power.
First, a look at the goals of both countries is in order. "China's grand strategy is keyed to achieving three interrelated objectives:first and foremost, the preservation of domestic order and well-being in the face of social strife; second, defense against persistent external threats to national sovereignty and territory; and third, the attainment and maintenance of geopolitical influence as a major and perhaps primary state in the Asia-Pacific region and possibly beyond." (course pack, page 245). China is seeking to replace the United States as the dominant power in Asia, which is understandable since the Unites States did the same thing in the western hemisphere and went so far as to issue the Monroe Doctrine (which basically said "This is our territory-keep out!").Since the late 1980's, Beijing has come to see the United States as the chief obstacle to its own ambitions rather than as an ally. It has, therefore, worked to reduce American influence in Asia, to prevent Japan and the United States from creating a"contain China" front, to build up a military with force projection capability, and to …

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