The tragic events that occurred on Tuesday, September 11th will never be
forgotten. I believe that Terrorism has forever changed society, and people will be
living in fear that events like these could take place again. Several hundred lives
were taken in a matter in minutes, in a gruesome ending of their lives.
When Ifirst heard of the acts of terrorism from Fr. Judge on Tuesday, I
thought that everything would be ok, it didn't sound that bad. When I got out of
class five minutes later, I watched the news on television. Minutes later things got
worse. The second plane hit the building live on television. It was then in my mind
that I realized that everything was not all right. Soon after, a plane hit the
Pentagon, and one crashed in Pennsylvania.
I could not believe that these events actually happened, and there was
nothing that could have been done on our parts to prevent them. The country was
horrified by these events, and continues to fear that tragic events like these, could
happen again. As it turns out, Terrorists have been a threat to our country for
years. It has gone mostly unknown by the public, with rare occurrences over the
last few years. I personally find it hard to believe that with all the espionage we
have in foreign countries, that we did not find out about these events before hand,
and that something with this much planning went unnoticed by all.
The impact left on the country, has many peoples thoughts on war, as a
must, against whomever did this to us. I believe that whoever did this to us,
deserves to be punished harshly, but not necessarily war. With all the small scale
escalation's that have happened over the past few years in the mid-east, I believe a
full scale war would be the worst thing for the already war-torn countries. I believe
that we have to watch out, that what we do now, does not spark a'Powder Keg'

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