Compare the early Roman struggle for independence to that of colonial America;s. What similarities do you see in the Roman and colonist outlook on their future government?
There are many similarities between America and Rome;s attempts at independence. First, a higher party oppressed both. For the Roman;s, it was the Etruscans, while it was the British for the colonists. Both also shape how Romans and Americans lived their lives.
In the sixth century B.C., the Etruscans moved south across the Tiber River and conquered Rome. They set up a monarchy that lasted for more than a hundred years. The Etruscans had an enormous political, cultural, and social effect on early Roman culture. The Etruscans ;adopted; many of their ideas from the Greeks, including the Phoenician alphabet, and incorporated many of the Olympian Gods into their religion. The Etruscans also taught the Romans how to the arch in the building and also how to set up forums. In 509 B.C., the Romans overthrew the Etruscan monarchy and developed a republic. In a republic, the citizens elected the representatives to run the government.
The American Revolution (1775-1783) was the conflict between the 13 American Colonies and Great Britain. Thefirst war between the two, the Revolutionary War, resulted in America gaining independence from its mother country, Britain. Then in 1787, the Constitution was laid out by the American government. This led to the formation of the representative democracy that is still used by our government today.
The similarities between the two are fairly clear. Both Rome and the Colonies felt that they were being held down for too long under a monarchy and that they did not receive enough rights. They eventually gained enough support to lead a revolution against it;s oppressor. Once the English and Etruscans were defeated, the people set up governments that gave the average citizen a say in politic

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