The discovery of the America's was originally and accident.It was thought that the new world was the Eastern Indies, which is why Native Americans are called "Indians."Even though Columbus set out to find a new route to the Indies to find riches, the later colonies weren't necessarily looking to get rich.The biggest motivation for founding the English colonies was for religious freedom.The Roman Catholics took the journey because protestant England's persecution, some separatists Christians sailed to keep their religion "pure," and the protestant Germans fled due to oppression in the mother country.
Maryland was founded by Lord Baltimore, who belonged to a prominent English Catholic family, though he set Maryland up partially for a profit, he also set it up as a refuge for his fellow Catholics because the Protestant England was still persecuting Catholics. One of the numerous discriminations was that a couple could not be legally married by a Catholic priest.After arriving in Maryland tension between the Catholics and Protestants grew, forcing the Catholics to throw up their support for the Act of Toleration for all Christians.
King Henry VIII broke his ties with the Roman Catholic church, and proclaimed himself the head of the church of England, his actions made some religious reformers undertake a total purification of Christianity, as they took the name "Puritans."Puritans grew unhappy with the slow progress of the protestant reformation in England, so a small group vowed to break away entirely from the church of England, they became known as separatists. King James thought that if his subjects thought they could defy him as a spiritual leader, they would soon defy him as their political leader as well, so he chased them out of his land. With no place to go the separatist fled to Holland, but didn't like the "Dutchification" of their children that followe…

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