America First Hand. Robert D. Marcus and David Burner.Beacon Press, 1987, 223 pgs.
The beginning of the colonial period was full of troubles.America First Hand, by Robert D. Marcus and David Burner is written in distinct detail about several accounts by American colonists that are written and relay what it was like in the colonies during thefirst couple decades.The accounts describe how teenagers, men, and women, all in their own way, questioned society, religion, and government in order to improve themselves and have their own effects on a changing county.Marcus and Burner compare and contrast religious, political, and social issues that were dealt with during the early 1800's.
The authors examined the experiences of Hetty Shepard, Ben Franklin, and Eliza Pickeny.Three Americans from very different backgrounds who all had thoughts, actions, and ideas to better themselves and hopefully better their fellow man and society.They show that people should try to better themselves based on his or her own opinions and ideas rather than rely on those of others.
Miss Hetty Shepard was a Puritan girl living in New England at the height of colonization and had trouble with the Indians.She recorded a diary to describe the days as they went by.Also along with her daily acknowledgements, Hetty reveals private thoughts and inquires that show her doubts and questions concerning her strict Puritan beliefs.Marcus and Burner show passages from a diary written by Hetty Shepard about what some may call the rebellious mind of young woman.Based on her writings, others may call her the beginning of the independent, or republican, women.
Men of the colonial time period did not have it much easier than women.Inventor, philosopher, printer, and ladies' man extraordinary Ben Franklin was also considered.He was a writer/printer from Philadelphia, and a person who was interested in the science of humanity.Franklin in t…

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