America Reacts to a Not Yet “Forgotten War”
Seminar English
Sept. 23, 2001
The Korean War changed the way in which a variety of people from different backgrounds thought and felt about war and changed the methods used to fight wars. One of the major forces behind the Korean War was the United Nations. The United Nations is an organization set up shortly after WWII to provide a collective security for its members. The United Nations allowed and allotted troops to aid South Korea in its struggle to maintain its power and legitimacy. The ruling made by the UN allowed troops from member countries including America to help out. It was called a police action. Much controversy surrounded the use of this term and its regulations. Although troops from many different countries were sent in to South Korea throughout the war, over 90% were American (Danzer et al. 775). Thousands of American lives were lost in this great war as well as billions of American dollars. The conflict on which this war was based is that of communism versus non-communism. South Korea was a non- communist state while North Korea was communist. The spread of communism was a threat worldwide and many countries including America objected to the idea. The Red Scare in America sprang from this war and its sister “The Cold War” ( Nash 79).
The instigation of this war was made by troops from North Korea attacking South Korea. These two very differently ruled states were divided along a temporary border at the 38th parallel. After thesefirst attacks on South Korea it became obvious that military help was definitely needed by South Korea. This is when the United States jumped in and decided to help. President Harry Truman supported the declaration made by the UN and commited us troops withoutfirst consulting and gaining approval of congress. Thus, his actions could not be classified as declaring war. They were …

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