“The population in the prison system of the US has doubled since nineteen eighty-five.”( System of a Down, The Prison Song, Toxicity.) It is things like this that make me feel that allis not well in America at the time being. It seems that America’s patriotism has come back not soon enough after the events that took place on September eleventh, 2001.Even though; our prisons are crammed tight, people die daily, and rapes and other crimes take place continuouslyI still feel proud to be a citizen of the good ol’ USA I am so proud to be an American that I will take up arms for this country if anything were to happen.
To me, life in America is beautiful.We live in a country where we have so many rights and privileges.And yet; so many people take living in America for granted.I don’t think that people realize what they have been given.Since; my birth I have been able to speak my mind freely without worrying about prosecution or worrying about getting my tongue cut out of my mouth.I have lived in a country without too much racism, or terror I feel that this is because our Declaration of Independence stated that “all men are created equal” (Thomas Jefferson, Declaration of Independence)and it makes people think that if they felt this way back then,than why can’t we now.The privileges that people mainly take for granted are driving. People think that it is a right and that they deserve to be able to drive the way they want to.Another privilege that people take for granted is public education.In most other countries there is public education, kids are lucky if they even get any sort of education at all.There is more so don’t get to comfortable.Maybe, public transportation herewe have free rides to school or we can pay close to nothing to ride a bus for as long as we want to.We also have access to libraries in every town.Freedom of religion is practiced in the US also.We can believe…

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