In a time of war, it is far too easy to get caught up in the violence, and forget that the true goal is peace. Hate, death, and pain make it difficult for the belligerent nations to think rationally and come up with a plan to end the violence. This is why a third party is necessary. A third party sees the situation from an outsider's viewpoint. Therefore, they are able to offer better advice and solutions. This situation is applicable to the current Middle East Crisis. Palestine and Israel cannot come to a peaceful solution without the help of the United States. In order to help the feuding parties, United States needs to be neutral, fair, and unbiased. Unfortunately, maintaining an unprejudiced view becomes harder as the bloodshed continues. Propaganda, economical/political ties, and pressure from both sides of the dispute lead United States to favor one side over another. The United States favoritism towards Israel can be seen in our media, the care packages we send to Israel, and the undivided support for Israel among the majority of religious groups in the United States. Throughout the Middle East Crisis, the United States has shown preferential treatment toward Israel. This bias view does not only threaten U.S.-Arab relations, but also diminishes the chances of Israel and Palestine reaching a peaceful compromise.
The United States favors Israel for a number of reasons. Perhaps the most important reason is that Israel, like the United States, is a democracy with a stable government. Supporting democratic Israel rather than non-democratic Arab states serves American interests better. The United States also respects what Israel signifies, which is religious freedom, political freedom, and individual freedom. America values the humanitarian idea that Israel is a state that was created to serve as a home for Jewish refugees. The United States also has economic, political, and military ties with Israel. America is well …

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