Osama Bin Ladin had more than just a plan to harm United States Citizens when he had the world trade centers bombed.He had a grudge with the whole way of life that Americans led.He was disgruntled about our economic strength, our cultural acceptances, and the “materialistic” way of life we led.He thought that by bringing down the world trade centers, our symbol of everything good about America, that he would destroy our lives.However, the opposite effect was produced.The country came together in a wave of patriotism and heroism.Granted, some racism took place against Arab Americans, but for the most part, the whole country came together in a moment that would change lives not only in America, but all over the world.Racism, as defined by Schaefer, is "a doctrine that one race is superior." (Schaefer, pg. 506)
When the world trade center came down, and the entire country came to a halt and gasped, we realized that the world suddenly changed.We saw scenes of people suffering, dying, and crying out for loved ones, and the heart of America sobbed for them.Everyone in America today, was affected by what happened 09/11/02.Many lost precious loved ones, more lost jobs, and even more lost the feeling that they were safe in the most powerful nation on Earth.We were attacked from more than one angle on that day.
The economic consequences of September 11 were that many people lost their source of income across the land.Father’s that had to make child support payments were left with no means in which to take care of their children.People who were getting ready for retirement were forced to look at working for another five years to guarantee their pensions.Consumers were afraid to spend money in fear that they would lose their jobs, and not be able to make rent.The economy seemed to come to a halt.
However, Bin Laden was wrong.Not only was he wrong about our sprit as a nation, but also about the …

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