There is no doubt that the American government has been withholding evidence
of conspiracy activities from the populace, but the question remaining would be how
deep do these secrets run? As a citizen of the United States of America, one deserves the
right to know the truths about certain events. Two of the greatest events shrouded in
conspiracy would be the JFK assassination and the Pearl Harbor bombing.
The assassination of John F. Kennedy happened more that 30 years ago, but
there is no other event that has received such voluminous writing, research and
speculation in thefirst three decades after it happened. Obviously the most contemplated
theory is the lone gunman theory. "Autopsies reveal that there was more that one shot",
but the government states that they came from single striking range (Griffith 1). If that
were so, then James Tague would not have been struck in the cheek by a flying projectile.
When the shots were fired, "James Tague was standing near the triple underpass in the
Dealy Plaza" (Griffith 2). He was standing about "450 from the TSDB" when suddenly a
bullet struck the curb on Main Street about 20 feet from where he was standing"(Griffith
2).A local officer noticed blood seeping from Tague's cheek. It was most likely caused
by flying concrete after being struck by a bullet. Tague described the mark on the curb, as
it appeared when he saw it: "There was a mark. Quite obviously, it was a bullet, and it
was very fresh"(Weisberg, Case Open, 141; Warren Commission Report 116). The lone
gunman theory allows for one miss, "yet if the supposed shot from the sixth floor window
hit the curb near Tague, then it was a wild miss"(Griffith 1). The theory that J. Edgar
Hoover proposed was that the lead fragment from the fatal headshot struck the curb and
hit Tague in the cheek. That is where the lone …

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