American Domestic Affairs during WWI
Though the WWI was started in Europe and had to do with European problems and didn't really have to do with America atfirst, when we got involved it changed our country forever. The war started mainly over a man named Franz Ferdinand who was the archduke of Austria-Hungary. He went to the Serbia, which was an area that everyone wanted to have control of; he was there to see how the people took his presence and to see how easy it would be to take over. Some people here knew this and were not happy, they didn't want him to take over their land. When he went to Sarejaveo these people killed him; Austria-Hungary was outraged but was hesitant to declare war because Russia was Serbia's ally. The two major sides were the Triple Antente, which consisted of Germany, Austria-Hungary and Italy; then there was the Triple Alliance, which consisted of Russia, France and England. Eventually Austria-Hungary did declare war, and then like wildfire the two sides were declaring war against each other until most of Europe was a battlefield. You might ask yourself, what did America have to do with this; the truth is that America was only involved after Germany tried to make Mexico attack us by sending them the Zimmerman Telegraph. This was decoded and sent to us, we were naturally angry and felt it necessary to take action. We got into the war late, but the changes it made in our country were great. Groups of people moved around in our country, names were changed and groups of people were persecuted. Even though the fighting and the reasons the war was called great all happened in Europe, there were considerably large events that happened in America due to the war as well.
Propaganda posters were a very useful tool in keeping the American public interested about the war. This was necessary because the civilians didn't see the war because it was thousands of miles away. Most of these posters …

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