Million of Immigrants settled in United States, its diversity of different culture during 1900 – 1930.California is one of the highest Mexican Immigrants settled in this state.Almost all worked as agricultural wage laborers.Mexican Americans ancestry became object of one of the largest removal operations ever authorized by the United States government.Immigration and repatriation were interrupting the lives of the Mexicans and American Mexicans, as well as the other ethnic culture in the United States.
Mexicans immigrants believed with the ideas that living in United States will bring the social and economic prosperity that they never had.Mexicans brought their ideas, cultural practices, and experiences to established the image of America Dream.Mexicans believed that by working hard as a farmer it would bring prosperity in their social and economic way of life.United States as the land of opportunity and security gave immigrants the ideas of American Dream, freedom, and uniqueness.
With these beliefs, Mexicans did not realize that there was a hidden division along class, gender, ethnic, and racial lines over who had access to economic security and freedom.Mexicans realized that there was differences between the expectation of the of a brown Mexican field worker to the white American farm owner.Freedom to Mexican farm workers, destined to reach their goals in economic and prosperity by working for wages, putting aside savings to sent back to their family in Mexico, opened a small business or going to school.These ideas of freedom was different from white farm owners, who alleged that they should allow to hire workers for a cheap labor wages that would allow them to a big profit, which they believed that their rights to be as Americans.
During the twentieth century, there were two descriptions of who was allowed to the American Dream prevailed.Thefirst description that could have an access, unre…

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