The American invasion into Iraq has been a very difficult topic for American's to agree upon.The right for one country to invade another based upon unsubstantiated evidence and political differences is hard for me to understand. Even though some people would say that what we did was potentially wrong, in my personnel opinion the invasion as had some positives and some negatives but could possibly have been done in a better way. America has been playing the role of "the big bully" over many countries for years. I think it is time for us to come to the realization that every country can't be ran the way we would like it to be ran.
Iraq isn't just the only country that is a threat to us and most likely won't be the last. Do we expect to invade every country that challenges the way we run our country? I would surely hope not because then it would defeat the purpose of the United Nations (UN). The UN was created to keep peace between the nations. Not to have one nation invade the other.Many people have lost their lives in both nations and nothing has really been accomplished. Before the U.S entered into Iraq there were many tribulations standing in their way, such as mass unemployment, inflation and financial debt, and mismanaged government. They had been misled by Saddam Hussein and they didn't want America to come in and take over after they had been anti-American for so long. In the matters of religion, there was only 4% of the population that wasn't Muslim and the 96% that are Muslim was split into two different groups, the Sunni and the Shia. The Sunni were only 33% of the Muslim population but was in the elite class and were fairly treated better than the Shia by Saddam because those were his people. So of course there was tension between the two due to social status. That led the nation to be consisted of two nationalities, Arab and Kurdish. To top all of it off the nation was effected b…

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