There is a Korean saying: "If the water does not flow, it will be contaminated.?This means that if people just stay in a place without developing, there will not be progress, and finally, it will cause a set-back. This saying says that society is similar to water. Jacob Bronowski has a similar idea; In Science and Human Values, he says "truth is the drive at the center of science; it must have the habit of truth, not as a dogma but as a process?(60). In this quotation, Bronowski uses the word "process’to emphasize that the key points of science are testing and change. He expands his idea to society when he says ;for dissent is also native in any society which is still growing?(Bronowski 61). In Welcome to the Monkey House, Kurt Vonnegut writes several short stories that show a similarity to Bronowski;s idea. The three stories, ;Harrison Bergeron,?;Welcome to the Monkey House,?and ;Report on the Barnhouse Effect’show imaginary societies controlled by governments that do not allow any questions about their authority. As Bronowski notes dissent is necessary for a growing society; these three stories from Welcome to the Monkey House reveal that society cannot progress when critics and dissidents are silenced.
In "Harrison Bergeron,?equality is the most important value in society. This value appears when Vonnegut writes that "nobody was better looking than anybody else. Nobody was stronger or quicker than anybody else?(7). The society achieves this artificial equality by handicapping people who are born with superior merits. Since this constraint comes from the Constitution, everybody has to follow this rule. This world seems to be an ideal place to live because there is no competetion, no difference of ability, and no difference of property. However, it allows no growth.
In Bergeron's society, civilization stops progressing, because nobody can think up any new ideas or theories …

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