In the beginning of American History there have always been differences and clashes of different groups of travelers and settlers.Three main groups that are going to be focused on are the Native Americans, which are also known as the Indians. They were said to be thefirst group of people in North America.The other groups consist of the Africans from Western Africa, and the Europeans.
The Native Americans were believed to ancestry descendants from Asia.Around the time of the final Ice Age, ancestors of the Native Americans crossed a land bridge of Beringia.The Native Americans were considered to be very intelligent hunters and gatherers.They looked towards animals as sources of food. They used the animals dung as sources of fuel and the bones on the caucuses for tools, such as hunting instruments.They also used the skin and fur of there prey for clothing.The Native Americans also learned to fish and use the earth's natural resources to their own advantage.The rich soil was used for planting crops. Around 7000 – 3000 B.C cultivation of crops through out North America along with the diversity of different Indian tribes. The Native Americans had there own cultural/ spiritual beliefs. They did not share the Biblical belief of creation of the Europeans.They care very little about the European's Christian values.
In West Africa, people of the Savannah developed productive agricultural planting and herding practices before 3000 B.C."West Africa was peopled by many cultures speaking many languages, linked by various kinship structures, and following assorted economic systems(p12).Most of the West African cultures based high importance of decisions made upon the family about what crops to produce, how to distribute goods and services among the people, and also how they would go about punishing a law breaker.Unlike the Native Americans the African society seemed to be more organized.

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