During the 50s and the 60s television had a huge impact on Americans lives.timeAmericans relied strongly apond the T.V. this allowed American people as well as the rest of the world to see things and witness things without even being remotely close.Television took one of itsfirst major steps in Texas where president John F Kennidy was assassinated in the mid 60s.And how the hole event had gotten captured on tape.This allowed for the hole assassination to role out and for people of the world to see what had happened.After president Kennidy died in the hospital L.B.J. took office.Soon after the United States of America went to war in Vietnam.The Television played a majore part during this war.Reporters and news crews would be conducting daily interviews with soldiers to show on T.V. back home in the United States to show and tell the American people that we were getting some were in Vietnam.But where the telivision played a much bigger role was when the news crews started to tape the body bags and woumded soldiers comeing back from battle to show to the people back home in the U.S. T.V.cameras are what withdrew us from the war so soon.
The U.S. had gotten increasingly involved in the Vietnam war by having our airforce bases over their flying missions to protect the world against communisom and to bomb the enemy.Well naturally the communist didn't like the fact the the United States was coming into Vietnam and bombing them so they started to attack the airforce basis.After this was happening for a while the United States sent over the army boys to protect the airforce basis for the attacks.Evenshally the army didn't just set at the air force base and wait for the enemy to come to them.The army sent their boys out on search and destroy missions to hop fully keeps the communist away from the basis.As more fire basis went up more army men continued to trickal into Vietnam and they were no longer on j…

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