Pennsylvania became know as the "Melting Pot" or the "Holy Experiment." Also
Delaware was settled in by Sweden known as New Sweden. There were lots of farms growing grain. This place was known as the "Breadbasket." Virginia had farms combining Large and subsistence called Plantations. They were all growing mostly cash crops or crops to sell in 1699. Most were along rivers.
The capital of Virginia went from Jamestown to Williamsburg. There was an incident called Bacons Rebellion. The King had failed to give protection to outer farmers from Indians and elections had stopped. A farmer named Nate Bacon formed a rebellion and burned Jamestown. Bacon grew ill and died. So did the rebellion. Berkley had fled and comeback from Britain with an Army. They hung 23 of the rebellions leaders. After that Governor Berkley was fired.
Then there was Cecil Calvert who was a friend of the king, a nobleman, and a catholic. He got a charter to go to America and start a proprietary colony because he didn't like England. He had to follow English law. He had 2 ships the Ark and the Dove. The settlement was called Merryland. It had the busiest seaport called Unapolis. He passed a law called the Act of Toleration. That gave the people religious freedom. William Pen had guaranteed it in the area of Carolina also. There was a colony that setup plantations called Charleston, which was the main settlement. They got big enough until where they had to split in to North and South Carolina.
Finally there was a settlement that needed to be established in Georgia to separate the Spanish from the English. They took people from debtors prison to live there. It was a buffer. The man who ran it was James Oglethorpe. The main settlement was called Savannah. The Spanish were driven back a little bit. One time a Spanish man cut off the ear of a British. The British attacked but came back because of weather. The settlement also had …

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