"American History X" Film Analysis
The film "American History X," is about Derek, a young boy whose father is murdered by a black drug dealer.Overcome with rage, he seeks the guidance of a local white supremacist.He quickly gains popularity within the organization and becomes the leader of the group.He then commits murder against two gang members in the neighborhood and is sentenced to three years in prison. While in prison, he changes his views about racism and has to help his little brother change his lifestyle before it's too late.The director, Tony Kaye, illustrates the theme of the film through conflict.The main theme is the consequences of racism, and how they affect not only your life, but also those around you.
Danny, Derek's little brother, wakes up to three black gang members burglarizing his brother's car.He quickly wakes Derek up to inform him of the situation.Derek grabs his gun and swiftly walks downstairs.He quietly opens the front door and shoots thefirst gang member in the chest.The second gang member goes to run away and Derek shoots him in the back.As the driver rushes off, Derek unloads his clip at the getaway car.Derek looks down and realizes that the second burglar isn't dead."Put your f***ing mouth on the curb!"Just as Derek stomps on the back of his head, the police arrive.Smiling with satisfaction, Derek puts his gun down and kneels as he is arrested.He is sentenced to three years in a federal prison for voluntary manslaughter.
Derek knows that if he is going to make it in prison, he'll need to find some people to watch his back.He finds a group of Neo-Nazis that take him in and protect him from the black convicts of the prison.A little over a year into his sentence, he started to notice that some of his so-called friends were doing favors for some of the other inmates.One day he sees the leader of their g…

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