Many, many years ago, our forefathers came to this great land, looking for a better life.What they found was, as it became known, "the promised land."Here in this new land, they found relief from religious persecution, and hoped to start a new life here.But, soon all that changed, and a tyrant ruled the land.
He was known as "Crazy King George," to his subjects.The people of this new land hated him, because he tried to control everything they did, and they no longer felt free.Soon everyone came together, and wrote a document declaring their freedom as a new nation.
War broke out when "Crazy King George" heard of this declaration.Many fathers left son's and daughters, husbands left wives, and even young men, some as young as 14 joined the fight against England.
England mocked their cause, calling them angry farmers with pitchforks.No one expected this new nation to emerge victorious, but victorious we stood, united as a new nation.And they called this new land, the United States of America.
Every year since our victory, we celebrate the day we declared ourselves free.We call this national holiday Independence day, celebrated on July 4th.
But in the not so far future, was a war, that would rip the new nation apart.In the year 1861 the southern states joined together, and seceded from the Union.They called themselves the Confederate States of America.Secession was and is illegal.Confederate troops attacked Fort Sumpter thus starting the Civil War.War raged on for over 4 years, but in the end the North won, and the Confederate States of America rejoined the United States of America.
In human lives, the Civil War cost more than any other American War.Total between both sides, about one million men died, most of which died from diseases.In financial loss, it's estimated that the Civil War cost probably exceeded 15,000,000,000 dollars.But the …

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