During part of Thomas Jefferson and Jackson's presidency, what we now call the American Industrial Revolution took place. It was an era filled with bursts of technology and immigration. This era seemed to hurt the young country, however. But for the most part, the American Industrial Revolution forever benefit the well-being of the young nation. There were many aspects of the industrial revolution that came into part and playedmajor roles in determining the success (or to some, failures) of this era. One might remember this revolution to be famous for factories, women's rights and other social changes, and economic changes in trade. It is true that this era was famous for these (or to some, infamous), and although not all effects of the revolution were good, it is a firm belief that the good everlasting effects definitely outweighed the bad. With that said, the Industrial revolution benefit the United States to a great extent that surpassed what was hurt in the process.
For much of the people that lived during that era, it was very common for one to work in the factory. And there is no denying that the workplace was a horrendous environment. It was unsafe. During that time, it did hurt the people because they lived in lowly places and had long hours with little pay. But time and time again, we will see that we need to fall in order to get up and become stronger. For you see, factories benefit us greatly. It increased mass manufacturing, which in turn helped "feed" the masses of immigrants that flocked to the United States. Through companies such as the Lowell Factory, they were able to mass produce cotton cloth by power machinery in a building. That was thefirst time in world history. Factory workers and factories during this revolution are practically the roots of where our mass production of goods come from. If factories did not become so popular, the nation would not have been as industrialized. If the na…

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