The story I chose to read was "If Hitler Asked You to Electrocute a Stranger, Would You?Probably."I chose to read this story because its title appealed to me.I was interested from the very start to find out what the author of this story was talking about.I have also been reading a lot about Hitler's Germany lately, so I have been trying to obtain as much information on this topic as I possibly can.
The story told Stanley Milgram's experiments to prove that Germans were more willing to obey than Americans.He set up an experiment to test American's obedience in New Haven, CT and planned to then take the experiment to Germany to test German's obedience.He never took the experiment to Germany.He found Americans to be much more obedient than he'd expected.The people were not blindly obedient, just obedient.Hen then saw no reason to continue on to Germany.
This story was very interesting.It showed, in a way, that something as terrible as what happened in Germany during World War II could happen to any nation and any race of people because of people's obedience.While most of the participants in Milgram's experiment protested at some point, the majority continued with the experiment.This fact was very disturbing.The people who participated in the experiment were hurting innocent people, and although they realize it was wrong, they continued on, simply because they were told to.Anyone who believes that the only reason that the German nation went along with Hitler was because they were weak people should read about this experiment.It seems as though Americans would have gone along with him as well..

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