American Imperialism was a hour highlighted if greed and disloyalty. Magnified by the United States stealing Hawaii and trying to gain every land for them. The US thought only for themselves and not for the best of the nation. They were willing to do anything to get what they wanted. And The United Stations most certainly did.
First, the United States found interest in Cuba. Due to it being very close to Florida and Cuba's mass production of Sugar Cane, the United States knew Cuba could be a great asset for them. But a problem at the time was that Spain, whom owned Cuba, weren't having good ties with the United States. War broke out after the U.S.S. Maine exploded. The United States, not knowing who did it, blamed Spain for the explosion. As that was the only reasonable excuse the United States can think of. The United States went into war with Spain and easily defeated the Spaniards. Using there power and greed, the United States saw something they wanted, knew they couldn't have it and used there army to get what they wanted.
Second, the United States saw Hawaii as a good pickup. Hawaii and the United States were united to a way where the US gave Hawaii little protection if Hawaii let them use them as a naval base and also as a coal station for when the ships needed to be refueled. The United States wanted Hawaii so they basically walked into Hawaii and took it over. Knowing that Hawaii has such small military support, and the United States having majority of there ships in the harbor, the Hawaiians had no other choice then to surrender to the mighty United States. Hawaii thought they could trust the United States, but the United States showed their disloyalty to Hawaii. But in reality, no one could trust the United States at that time.
Third, the Philippines Island was something the United States really needed and wanted. The US needed a coal station further then Hawaii so they can travel more around the world…

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