If you were to ask someone whatfirst comes to their mind when they hear "America" what do you think they would say? There is freedom, or wealth, opportunity or even diversity. Whatever that thought is, good or bad, the people that live in America are proud to be "Americans."
Our major type of freedom is religion. This is the freedom that American people cherish the most. There would be many bitterly disgusted Americans if everyone had to worship the same religion. Another freedom America loves is the right to Free Speech, the ability to speak ones mind, let others know how they feel about a certain issue and band together with those that feel the same. Without freedom of speech anybody that protests or rebels would be thrown into jail immediately. An example of a person using Free Speech would be Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. He led human rights activists to stop segregation.
In 1949 many foreigners came from afar to try and strike riches in the California Gold Rush. America is a very rich nation. Many people occupy many well paying high-class jobs. The Stock Market is a great place to throw your money into. Wisely invested you could be living yourself the "American Dream".
Many job opportunities open up chances for a person to live an American life. Grow up, get a job, get married, have children, and have a wealthy happy life. Many people in America will tell you they love their jobs. Along with the having kids part comes the opportunity to get a good education. By paying tax dollars your children can go to a public schools. Some can then later go on to college to pursue a Career.
The "American Dream" can be true to you if you choose it. Americans are proud to be just that, an "American", and it even has a nice ring to it!

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