Sportsmanship, what do you think it is? Sportsmanship today isn't what it has been in the past. As you see sportsmanship today you see that it has changed from the past. Sportsmanship is defined as skill or fondness for sports. The Webster’s dictionary uses the term ; Qualities and behavior conduct and attitude viewed as fair play, benefiting a sportsman.;
When you were a kid after every game you played you either shake your opponent’s hands or give them a cheer after they win. I am not saying that the professional athletes that play men's sports that they should run into the locker room after the game. They should shake the opponent’s hand or they should congratulate them on a great game it was, that is showing good sportsmanship.
In the past their were great superstars such as Larry Bird and Magic Johnson. Even though they played on different teams. They were the best of friends on and off the court because they respected each other for what they did. At one point they were both ranked one and two when they played their game. Athletes today should look at why those two players showed good sportsmanship. They should use those two people as a role model because I know I do.
Kids look up to football stars such as Terrell Owens a wide receiver of the SanFransico Forty-Niners and running back Emmit Smith who plays for the Dallas Cowboys show what sportsmanship really is. I would ever let my kid do in a game what the two football players had did that doesn ;t show good sportsmanship. Terrell scored a touchdown he ran all they back to the Star on the middle of the field and spiked the ball. If I had been that coach I would have benched him for the rest of the game. What he did was not showing good sportsmanship. In Emmit Smiths case after he had scored a touchdown he did the same thing what Terrell did. Saying after scoring

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